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Exeter Cathedral is next to the cathedrals of Salisbury and Lincoln's most beautiful buildings in the world.

Exeter is a confusing city with almost 100,000 inhabitants. Already in the first Century BC, was founded here by a local tribe a settlement on the River Exe, which the Romans in the 1st Century AD removals. Later a monastery was founded, the forerunner of Saint Boniface as missionary to the Germans.

The cathedral was begun in 1112, and such construction are only the two towers, which formed the transepts. This very unusual structure leads to the stone vaults of ship could be continued without interruption until chorus, when the church was built in 1270-1369 again. This makes it the longest in the world vault dar. The church is built almost exclusively in the Decorated Gothic-style, the west window is in my opinion the most beautiful of all.

Inside, the colors of the pillars fascinated in brightness, which is made possible by the large.

Here the beautiful west window in detail.

A detail of the Romanesque towers. Unfortunately, the decorations are already quite weathered.

View from the ship towards choir screen.

The East End: shot left of the choir from the barrier; Perpendicularfenster above. Decorated the right window of the Lady Chapel, which is the Ostabschluss.

A picture from the 17th Century, apparently in an altar box.
Modern Sculpture (1974) by Kenneth Carter.
Another view of a tower.
From here, the images from 2004.

Entrance and ceiling of the chapter house.
Ceiling of the chapter house.

Details of Exeter Cathedral

View into the choir from the east. Right: in the choir.

In the chorus, painted arches. Right: the choir screen.

Stairs and Clock.

The west window. Right: the Minstrels' Gallery.

Detail of the arcades. Right: the vault in the nave.

Details of the western front.

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